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Yoga with Sarah will refresh and rejuvenate body and mind

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Hi, I'm Sarah Koznek

I specialize in private yoga classes for individuals and private yoga sessions for groups of all sizes. My background and experience as a local yoga teacher in Jackson Hole allows me to tailor your private yoga class to your specific needs, experience level, and goals.

My focus is on anatomy-based yoga, centered around functional movement patterns. I am trained in LYT Yoga®, yoga for functional movement, yoga for athletes, Bikram yoga, hot yoga, traditional vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, and relaxation yoga.

My hope for you is that you leave your private yoga class or group yoga session feeling better than when you started.



Yoga is a great way to stay centered during your time in Jackson Hole. Let yoga refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind after exploring the ski slopes, hiking in the Tetons, or rafting on the Snake River.

Single Class

One hour class for individuals or group starting at $150.

Online Classes

Get personalized one-on-one attention from Sarah via an online Zoom or Facetime session. Starting at $75

Local Students

Special introductory rate of $99 for the first hour. Ask about local student pricing options!

Guy's Trip

A different way to après. Add a group yoga session to your getaway that's tailored to meet your group's specific needs.

Wedding Parties

Offer yoga to your wedding guests or add yoga to your big day preparations! Pricing varies by group size.

Corporate Yoga

In-person or virtual classes available. Pricing varies by group size.

What People Say

It is a joy to practice yoga under Sarah's teaching! In her Vinyasa classes, she is extremely thoughtful and thorough in her sequencing - which is a gift to both beginner and advanced students. I particularly love to practice the 26 & 2 series with Sarah because her knowledge of the anatomy of each pose is very helpful, and her cadence is perfect for that set-series practice. She is truly a jack-of-all-trades with her yoga teaching, her knowledge and expertise extend to several lineages and styles.
Marti Freyer
Studio Manager
After I met Sarah, I had high expectations for a great personal yoga session with her! Those expectations were exceeded in every way for not just me... but especially for my friends, Steve and Cheryl. Because of her energy, gentleness, effort, and knowledge we have all discussed proceeding with yoga when we return home from our vacation in Jackson, and hopefully again, with Sarah next fall! Sarah has a beautiful way of transforming her passion and caring for each individual with whom she works. Thank you from Cheryl, Steve, and me for making our yoga session a memorable one!
Barbara T.
Yoga Trainee
Sarah Koznek is a phenomenal yoga teacher. Her communication style is direct, concise, and commanding. This allows me to relax and realize what she is instructing me to do. Sarah has an innate ability to know exactly what to say and when. For example, when I am invisibly holding my breath unintentionally, she will say: "remember to breathe deeply in and out through your nose." Sarah understands the specific science behind why we make the shapes that we do. Sarah knows perhaps more importantly; what the postures will unleash for us physiologically. Coach Koznek's working understanding of anatomy and physiology, her passion for functional movement, in concert with her exemplary communication acumen, make her a rare and precious gem, in a heaping haystack of "yoga instructors." You are truly fortunate to have found her.
Matt Hankes
Yoga Trainee


Each yoga class is uniquely designed to address your body, mind, and spirit. We will have time at the beginning of our yoga session to talk about your goals and desires. The 60 minute class will target your physical body’s imbalances, optimizing movement patterns and brain mapping. You can expect an energetic class tailored to your individual needs. Show up as you are, leave feeling body-mind connection and overall wellness.
Ask yourself how you want to feel in your physical body, emotional body, and mental body. Be open to new ways of moving. Avoid eating a large meal for one hour prior to our session. Wear athletic clothing, something you’re comfortable wearing and sweating in. Be prepared to share your goals, desires, and hopes with me.
My experience is in teaching students of all different levels and backgrounds. Whether you’ve never tried yoga, or you’ve practiced for decades – I am excited to share my knowledge with you. For those new to yoga, the first class can seem intimidating. Trying new things can be scary! I’m here to support you in your life and help you feel better in your body. Let’s do this!
I am eternally grateful to every student who decides to make the investment in themselves to try yoga. It is not only a financial investment, but one of your time. I honor your time and money by being the best yoga teacher I can be every day. I continue to learn and to improve my teaching skills so that I can better serve you. Being able to share my passion for movement through the practice of yoga is the greatest gift. Thank you.

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